The MCM(VERSE) is a network of virtual destinations inspired by the thoughts and dreams of our community—a way for us to connect while we’re apart.

This holiday season, a new world appeared: The Festive(VERSE). It opened our hearts to new ideas of family and gave us an infinite space to connect with our crew again.


DATA: Mach 76 Sneakers, Visetos Patch Slides, ​Silk Drawstring Shorts, Logo Bomber Jacket, Crystal Visetos Backpack

MCM snowflakes fell as we waited for guests to arrive on this icy planet where a stunning dinner was set for ten. Our chosen family and closest friends, one-by-one, uploaded themselves onto the F(V) styled in full AW20 looks. ​Classic Visetos made itself known while loungewear subtly entered the room. The real guest of honor, though, was the New Monogram print in all its variations. We were floating from the love we exchanged over dinner when the vibes were heightened by the dj transitioning us to the dance floor.

Flaunting our true selves in this hypertechnoreality reminded us that our shared experiences form a bond stronger than our proximity. The F(V) reinvented one of mankind’s most valued pursuits: human connection. As the party began to wind down, so did the groove, then the lights quickly followed. A feeling of accomplishment filled the room. It was time to log-out of this reality for now.


DATA: Monogram Denim Jacket, Silk Pajama Shirt, Visetos Mix Klassik Crossbody


DATA: Monogram Straight Leg Jeans, Crushed Leather Mena Shoulder Bag

Creative: And Or Forever
Photography: Torso Solutions
CGI: Culture Sport
Styling: Haley Wollens
Hair: Latisha Chong
Makeup: Kento Utsubo
Nails: Juan Alvear
Casting: Guerxs
Music: “Just Want U 2” by AceMo

Infinite new worlds to discover.