How Science Will Build Our Better Tomorrow

At MCM we are committed to combating climate change and driving rapid emission reductions. The targets we have set to transform our business have now received validation from the world’s leading movement to decarbonize, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The SBTi confirms our targets are in line with the latest climate science to meet the 1.5C warming limit set by the Paris agreement, marking an important milestone on our journey towards a better future.

Validated by the SBTi, we have committed to:


We want to give you more clarity on how we intend to reach these targets.

Scope 1 and 2 emissions are the emissions that result from our own business, in our stores and offices. Where possible, we reduce our energy consumption and switch to renewable electricity. Scope 3 emissions are more challenging, as these emissions are linked to e.g. transportation, materials and sourcing and will involve us making radical changes to our existing business practices.

By optimizing our processes and planning, we will be able to reduce air shipments. By redesigning our product portfolio to favour raw materials with lower emissions we are planning to move away from virgin materials, and will be launching new, complementary and innovative materials.

For all our SBTi goals, our ambition is not only to meet, but better these targets: to accelerate change, lower our impact, drive transparency and lead with best practice.

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Crafting a more sustainable future is our highest priority at MCM. Using innovation, smart design and future thinking we are proud to have set ourselves an ambitious path to meet the climate goals our planet needs.