MCM X Harper Collective

MCM X Harper Collective

We’re committed to helping our planet through sustainable solutions that allow us to fully unleash our creativity without excessively impacting our environment. Working with the right people is a key part of achieving those goals, and that’s what led to our collaboration with Harper Collective.

Founded by actor, musician and activist Jaden Smith and seasoned entrepreneur Sebastian Manes, the company uses pioneering technology to turn sea plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic into distinctive, durable luggage. Harper Collective combines an innovative recycled plastic material produced by German company Epsotech with traditional luggage-making techniques. Their mission is to reduce waste and clean up our waters while creating something new and functional.

The capsule collection consists of three wheeled suitcases designed to suit different travel needs. It’s a true collaboration, combining Harper Collective’s distinctive squared lines in its unique material with the classic MCM Visetos motif in our signature pattern.

Every unit produced helps remove plastic waste from our oceans and our land: a way for Mavericks to offset the impact of their journey every time they travel. For both cabin bag models, every item contains 480g of sea plastic and 640g of landfill plastic, while for the 4-mm shell of the larger checked bag, that goes up to 790g of sea plastic and 1.5kg of landfill plastic.

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MCM X Harper Collective

MCM is showcasing its commitment to innovation and new standards of trust and transparency in luxury with the introduction of our first Digital Product Passport (DPP).

Enabled through the Aura Blockchain Consortium’s platform, customers can simply scan an NFC chip located above the suitcase’s metal plaque to access the DPP. This DPP verifies the product's authenticity and provides detailed information about its sustainability and entire lifecycle, ensuring a comprehensive and transparent customer experience.